Quite simply I am bad at blogging. I have never been very fond of writing. I have journaled sporadically since the second grade and by sporadically I mean it might be years between entries. I can say with certainty that the last time I wrote in my own journal was over three years ago. I’ve had two children since then for heavens sake!  Blogging I should think is much like journalling so I’m afraid the posts are likely to be fairly sporadic unless, of course, I put myself on a schedule of some sort and practice some discipline. In school I was the worst procrastinator for projects and papers. I would generally put them off until a day or two before. It was much more exciting that way to see if I would still get an A or at least a B. However this practice does not fit well in adulthood.

So I won’t make any promises as to the frequency of posts or to their content but I will try my darndest to have a mildly entertaining, somewhat informative, and semi-frequent blog.


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